Culture Minute 2: Latvian Gastronomy & Estonian Gastronomy

Latvian gastronomy

Before going on a trip, one of the first things you look at is the food you should expect. From one country to another, culinary specialties can be radically different. This can even become an adventure to discover exotic dishes! Although we go to the Baltic countries for professional reasons, what will we find appetising in Latvia?

Since the 19th century, potato cultivation has become part of the Latvian routine, as it allows food to be available throughout the year. It is still a must in their plates. This is a good that is accustomed to the world and can be cooked in different ways.
Just this once, the Soviet occupation has also had an impact on the Latvian diet. Because of the rationing, it was necessary to learn how to cook from nothing. Here is an example of a dish which mixes the remains: the Rasols which contains meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, pickles, peas and mayonnaise.

You will also find on the tables a very special soup: the Solyanka which can contain beef, ham or sausage as well as mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olives, parsley and of course pickles.

Obviously, proximity to the sea makes fishing an important activity. Fish is an integral part of the Latvian diet.

And no worries for lovers of vegetables or mushrooms, they have a very important place in Latvian cuisine. Besides, it is rather common to eat seasonal products. In addition, berries are much appreciated!

To close this article, we will spread a rumor that we heard: it seems that Latvian beer is excellent…

Estonian gastronomy

We continue with our investigation on culinary specialities in the Baltics. We will now have a look on Estonian tables! As in Latvia, Estonian cuisine has been influenced by the Russian occupation. We still find today the vestiges of this long presence on the territory.
Similarly, proximity to the sea results in high consumption of fish in Estonia, particularly in smoked or salted form.

However, meat is also very popular, with pork and game in mind. For example, you can taste the Seapraad Hapukapsaga: pork served in escalope with sauerkraut and potato. And yes, there too, potato is a star, just like mushrooms and onions.

For a sweet touch, give yourself a treat with berries: raspberries, wild strawberries or blueberries.

Finally, the rye bread will accompany all your meals. Little tip: do not say Bon appétit but May your bread last!

We cannot wait to try all the local specialties! No doubt we will come back with lots of photos and memories!

Posted on: 8 June 2017, by : M2 GRH Multinationales