Learning expedition

An HR Learning expedition?

In an international process, we have an opportunity to travel, for a week, in Finland and Estonia to discover these countries with a professional edge. The main goal of this trip is about learning and studying Nordic specificity in a global approach meaning a cultural, economic and political approach. This trip is also a way to understand their management and human resources best practices.

To do so we have set different meeting with ambassadors of these countries, journalists, social partners to get a better understanding of the global environment of these countries. Moreover, visiting companies and meeting HR local actors, we try to understand with the best accuracy how these local organizations or firms worked.

This trip is going to take place in June for 8 days and it’s for the 22 students of our graduate Master in Human Resources in multinational companies.

Goals ?

This trip is an amazing occasion to discover cultural differences, to improve our ability to adapt ourselves and our open minded skills and to discover new practices: HR services, social dialogue, start-up enforcement or disability management. This trip is an amazing generate an added value for each of us and a real chance to make the difference. These Nordic experience can be a source of innovation, questioning and creativity for us, for our companies and for our future employers. Indeed our goal is about solving the mysteries of these disregarded countries in order to compare them with French HR policies and why not make proposition to impulse new HR practices.