Author: Fanny L.

Appointment June 1st at the ENA!

The 2015 of the master Colloquium a theme: "Remote management: the new challenges of the binomial HR-Manager" This Conference will be articulated around two round tables at which experts from the remote management of HRD will testify and we will do part of their experience. Round table 1: issues of management in distance in multinationals The round table will seek to answer the following questions: -The management remotely different from face-to-face management (points of similarity, points of differences, evolution or revolution, qualities of a manager remote)? -The remote turns the portfolio of skills of manager? -A good manager face-to-face can...

The theme of the Colloquium 2015: the Management remotely

"Remote management: the new challenges of the binomial HR-Manager" Globalization, social change and societal (new aspirations of stakeholders) and technologies (cloud, BOYD, telephony, mobility, big data, digitizing, Robotization, IA,...) transformed into depth organizations (business ecosystems, extended enterprise, new models of growth, interculturality, permanent innovation, responsible company...) and the relations between managers and employees (end of verticality, collaborative innovation, new life - work balance, location of work (end of the authority of statute,...). One major changes deals with the end of the Presential model (manager within its teams) from the industrial revolution (place and time unit) and partially challenged the mainstream...

We talk about!

Like every year, the students of the master led the project from beginning to end: logistics, stakeholders, the budget but there is no event succeeded without a minimum of communication. Below, articles of promotions of the Conference: Talking HR HR info Focus RH Myrhline Following the Symposium, we also had the surprise to have some review articles: HR perspective ANDRH