The theme of the Colloquium 2015: the Management remotely

“Remote management: the new challenges of the binomial HR-Manager”

POSTER - Conference 2015 - final VERSION

Globalization, social change and societal (new aspirations of stakeholders) and technologies (cloud, BOYD, telephony, mobility, big data, digitizing, Robotization, IA,…) transformed into depth organizations (business ecosystems, extended enterprise, new models of growth, interculturality, permanent innovation, responsible company…) and the relations between managers and employees (end of verticality, collaborative innovation, new life – work balance, location of work (end of the authority of statute,…).
One major changes deals with the end of the Presential model (manager within its teams) from the industrial revolution (place and time unit) and partially challenged the mainstream and authors that have structured the managerial thought both organizationally (Taylorism, roles management Fayol, bureaucracy weberian principles of Drucker) than competitive strategic (strategy to (, keys to success, portfolio, competitive advantages,…).
This results in multinationals, a progressive failover to a management remotely (teams scattered across several countries, development of part-time teleworking, flexible hours, individualization of practices, cultural, temporal distance…) growing to rethink the roles, activities, skills and behaviour of managers.
The HR function that has been built since the 1980s as a privileged partner managers (support function role), is to support and provide optimal support at the height of the pointed challenges.

This Conference has as main objective to analyze the way in which the binomial HR-manager takes today in multinationals to the problems of management in distance.
It is structured around two roundtables:

  • The first Roundtable focuses on the challenges of distance managers in the
    multinational companies;
  •  The second round table discusses the means used by HR to help managers cope with these challenges.

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Posted on: 27 May 2015, by : Fanny L.