Appointment June 1st at the ENA!

The 2015 of the master Colloquium a theme:

“Remote management: the new challenges of the binomial HR-Manager”

This Conference will be articulated around two round tables at which experts from the remote management of HRD will testify and we will do part of their experience.


Round table 1: issues of management in distance in multinationals

The round table will seek to answer the following questions:
-The management remotely different from face-to-face management (points of similarity, points of differences, evolution or revolution, qualities of a manager remote)?
-The remote turns the portfolio of skills of manager?
-A good manager face-to-face can fail to distance and vice versa?
-Is it easy to unite a team to the four corners of the world? Are remote, zones and interculturality Bedfellows?
-The absence of non-verbal communication and geographic proximity (regularity of exchanges, identification of weak signals) they require new postures and managerial acts?
-What tools to monitor, control and evaluate the performance as part of a management remotely?

To answer these questions we will be accompanied by:

  • Jérôme SAVY – DRH EMEA AT & T
  • Patrick STORHAYE – Co founder of HR Info and co author of a book on management remotely
  • Bertrand DÉROULÈDE – Consulate CEGOS
  • Hervé Borensztejn – KARISTEM
  • Frédérique Thoral – DRH BNP Paribas International Retail Banking

Round table 2: how the HR function accompanied by and responds to the needs of managers remotely?

This roundtable will examine how the HR function responds to the challenges and challenges identified above.

We will try to answer the following questions:
-Exist at the global level (corporate group) agreements that specify the terms of the telemanagement?
-What types of training within the corporate universities are notably implemented to accompany managers remotely?
-How to create a team cohesion when it is split geographically? (seminars…)
-What tools to remote management service? (chatter, intranet, visio, software…)
-How the HR function handles the problem of data protection?

The following people will help us to respond:

  • Marc-André Rainon – DRH Salesforce
  • Martine Bordonné – Director of HR Orange projects
  • David Briggs – former VP Alstom
  • Véronique Bardelmann – Director pole Business Safran University
  • Xavier Randretsa – DRH Group if Faurecia
  • Bertrand Eteneau – DSI Faurecia

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Posted on: 27 May 2015, by : Fanny L.